I'm your host, Steve Watt. I’m two years into an experiment. The hypothesis is that working in a fractional capacity with several organizations accelerates my learning and my opportunity to make a meaningful impact. I'm regularly working with two excellent organizations while contributing to a third and building several side projects as well. At Quarry, an award-winning enterprise B2B demand marketing agency, I plan and execute brand-building initiatives, account-based marketing programs, thought leadership content (podcasts, videos, written, social) and more. I’m leading the charge to put Quarry at the heart of the enterprise ABM and demand marketing conversation throughout North America. At Avanti Software, a payroll and people management platform for mid-market Canadian firms, I’ve led a brand and positioning review, a website rebuild, a restructuring of the marketing team, an upgrade of our event and field marketing program and more. We’re carving out a powerful position as the ideal choice for a segment of the market in the face of intense competition from global giants. Additional work includes an advisory role with a FinTech startup, leadership of the Toronto ABM Meetup group, leadership of a thirty-speaker conference, regular guest hosting of a top podcast (FlipMyFunnel) and the recent launch of my own podcast (The VP Marketing Show). I'm on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevewatt/ and Twitter at https://twitter.com/steve_watt1

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